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The Northern California Assessment Center (NCAC) for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provides free diagnostic evaluations of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students ages 3 through 21, residing in Northern California (i.e., the upper two thirds of the state of California). These assessments are completed by a team with experience and expertise in Deaf education.

Referrals are made through the student’s school district/Local Education Agency (LEA) to request educational recommendations and address concerns about student progress, behavior, communication skills, or any learning needs in addition to deafness. An NCAC referral is appropriate after the LEA has completed required routine assessments and exhausted its local assessment resources. The LEA completes a referral application, including specific referral questions for the NCAC team to address. Team members, assessment methods, and tools are selected based on the referral questions, and assessments are scheduled on a first come-first served basis, depending on team member availability. Assessments may include observations of the student at school, and testing at the NCAC, which is located on the CSDF campus. Sleeping accommodations and cafeteria meals are available to families who must travel a distance for an NCAC assessment.

For more information, please see NCAC Frequently Asked Questions (link to PDF). Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) wishing to make a referral are encouraged to review the NCAC Referral Policy. (link to PDF). Referral application packets can be requested via email to Parents who are interested in an NCAC assessment for their child should contact the Director of Special Education for their child’s school district/LEA.