California School for the Deaf

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Request for Campus Tour

General Tours for the Community-at-Large

JAC, Community Resources Coordinator of Outreach program,
provides a campus tour to the community-at-large including:

  • ASL students
  • Home school field trips
  • Neighbors
  • Business owners
  • General visitors who have an interest about CSD
  • Researchers/Scholars
  • LEAs
  • SELPAs
  • School administrators
  • Any non-family connections

2019-2020 Tour with JAC

Tuesdays | 9:30 - 11 AM | Administration building

An ASL interpreter is provided for each tour.  
Please Note: To request a tour other than the monthly general tour dates, please make your request at least 2 weeks in advance. This helps us to arrange an interpreter for non-signers.  
IMPORTANT:  We will cancel the tour within 24 hours if we expect rain and the tour will be canceled if it is raining too.  
Please reserve your spot for the general tour at:


Family Educational Tour
  • For families with a Deaf child(ren) age 3 to 22 (Preschool through High School) applicable to a range of hearing levels
  • For families who would like to have an in-depth look at the education of your Deaf child (potential applicant)

For families with a Deaf child(ren) who are considering applying to CSD Fremont, contact:
For parents/guardians of Deaf babies/toddlers up to age 5 contact:
  • Contact information coming soon!