California School for the Deaf

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About CSD

The California School for the Deaf (CSD), in Fremont, is a free and public accredited school in the state of California that serves Deaf children. We teach to the California State Board of Education Standards, the State Industry Standards, and the Special Education Administrators of County Offices’ Alternative Curriculum Standards.

We have a holistic view of Deaf children as healthy individuals who are culturally distinct, have language rights, and deserve to  be educated in a language-rich environment. Our bilingual, American Sign Language and English, academic environment fosters mastery of both languages in addition to the California State Standards. Our diligent and collaborative attention to curriculum development, instructional pedagogy, and assessment integrates best practices in Deaf education and bilingual education.

A safe, academic, Deaf-centered culture is nurtured at CSD.

Dedication to students is the hallmark of CSD staff.