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The Admissions Office assists parents and local school districts with the application process of potential students to attend the California School for the Deaf, Fremont. Applications are provided at the request of the referring local school district. The Admissions staff works with parents and the school district to collect comprehensive information. If the student is eligible, the Admissions department will register families and assist them in issues that may come up during the assessment for placement. The Admissions department maintains ongoing communication with the local school district to provide updates about the applicant while being processed.

The Admissions Office is also responsible for student information management. Student data related to enrollment and demographics is maintained on the school's local area network.
If your family is interested in receiving a tour of the school, please visit our Family Educational Tour webpage.
Contact the Admissions Office to get the contact information for your local school district (LEA).

Contact Information:

Admissions Specialist:
Phone: 510-794-3987
VP: 510-344-6128
Español: 510-900-9654

Admissions Assistant:
 VP: 510-344-6146
Español: 510-900-9783