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After Graduation Transition Support

Post-Graduate Services: The following inter-agency collaboration services and post high school planning services is provided by the Transition/Employment Specialist to graduates that continue in the Transition Partnership Program (TPP): Ultimate goal is to guide each TPP student to embrace their new journey out there as a strong deaf centered individual.


  • Supporting student in remaining interactive with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)
  • Navigating the of VR modernization (VR Mod) approach at the DOR
  • Collaborating with the Department of Rehabilitation in implementing the Individual Plan for Employment (IPE)
  • Assisting student in implementing post-graduation goals and re-evaluating plan to reach these goals
  • Arranging for student and parents to visit post-secondary education and/or training programs
  • Connecting to agencies that serves and support deaf population within their hometown
  • Obtain support at the Employment Development Department (EDD) to utilize resources that will help obtain a job
  • Provide or secure a job coaching services at the work site
  • Contacting appropriate agencies that provides Certified Sign Language interpreting services
  • Gathering information on housing assistance, medical services, mental health and counseling support services
  • Refer to agencies that handles Deferred Action paperwork and/or any immigration issues
  • Providing consultation and follow-up support services for students, families, and service providers
  • Working with student, family and support service providers to help student with employment plan and/or any presenting barriers
  • Assist student in developing self-advocacy skills and gathering information on maintaining healthy and balanced life