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AFTC » Senior Fundraiser

Senior Fundraiser

Thermometer measuring 1827 degrees

We have AWESOME CSD staff, family & community!!!! We couldn't have done this without YOU! 

Not 4, but 6 seniors will get scholarships!!!
Teachers will nominate and select outstanding seniors from the Business Service sector and the Human Service sector. Career/Technical Education and High School Administrative principals are responsible for coordinating the nomination and selection process.
Scholarships are given out annually to students who:
  1. Demonstrate high quality work (creativity and/or knowledge of technical skills).
  2. Possesses strong work ethics.
  3. Exhibits positive character traits.
  4. Has a positive attitude towards learning.
  5. Has exceptional work samples and portfolios.
  6. Active participant in CTE (Career Technical Education) program's student organizations.
  7.  Successfully employed in a related field (not required).
MANY MANY THANKS for your contribution to make this fundraiser possible!!!!