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Career Center » Tips for Students

Tips for Students

The Career Center recommends the following tips for students:

  • Ask questions, compare options and participate in making educational and  career-related plans
  • Keep track of and show up for scheduled appointments
  • Understand your reading, writing and math levels as well as your academic abilities
  • Explore your career-technical interests, aptitudes and career goals
  • Make well-informed transition choices
  • Use available resources and ask for assistance when needed
  • Develop a Career Portfolio
  • Learn and practice self-advocacy skills
  • Take all of your academic classes seriously
  • Develop good study habits and organizational skills
  • Understand your family and cultural values and beliefs
  • Explore your deaf identity as an adult going into the real world
  • How to deal with peer pressures, handling conflicts, self care, remain balanced, and when to seek support from counseling services available on campus (PPS)
  • Know how to utilize counseling services to help you address any presenting issues
  • Recognize that making a new plan after graduation is an expected part of career      development
  • Ask for assistance from the Transition/Employment Specialist if you want to      revise your plan for employment
  • Embrace fun, hard, & enjoyable opportunities on and off campus
  • Do something new once a month to explore your hidden talents
  • Become comfortable with doing things solo