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Virtual Tour of CSD

We proudly provide interactive instruction of California's standardized Common Core curriculum through English and American Sign Language

Virtual Tour of Distance Learning Education in Action at the California School for the Deaf

Ver la Escuela de sordos de California en acción

If you have these questions below unanswered...
  • Does CSD offer academic quality in preparation for post-secondary education? 

  • Does CSD offer more than just classes? 

  • What does CSD do for social learning emotional education? 

  • Does CSD offer advanced academic courses? 

  • What services are available at CSD for K12? 

  • What benefits are there for participating in the residential program? 
Contact one of us for answers:
  • Lilly Benedict
    Family Education Coordinator for ages of 6 and older
  • Laura T. Petersen
    Early Intervention Educational Consultant for babies up to 5 years old