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Work Readiness Program

One may ask who would benefit from Work Readiness Program?

Any deaf students who may not be ready to leave high school yet feel ready to face the real world. This program allows our eligible students to explore the real world with intensive support and room to make mistakes with no judgment. Students in the WRP either go to study at community colleges, vocational training programs and work during the week.


Twice a week our WRP students meet with the WRP teacher to address the presenting issues, explore possible dreams and wants with their peers, understanding the importance of making decisions especially when it will impact their future, peer support, and tutoring services if needed. Our WRP students are more likely to seize any new opportunities with our support, and your child can be part of this.


Curious about our program come and JOIN the WRP. Give us a call at 510-794-3745 and/or contact WRP coordinator Ms. Amy Eshelman at Embarking into the real world can be scary but with WRP it makes it exciting and less scary. What are you waiting for? Contact us!