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Director of Instruction

Welcome to our Bilingual School

It is my honor to serve as the Director of Instruction at CSD. Our Instructional Division is made up of principals, supervisors, teachers, teacher specialists, coaches, teaching assistants, student assistants, interpreters and office staff who are dedicated to the welfare and education of every student.


We are a fully accredited school whose staff takes pride in our programs while participating in a continuous cycle of evaluation, goal setting, and improvement. Instruction is based on standards approved by the State Board of Education and individual needs as outlined in IEPs. Our staff strives to challenge every student to maximize his or her ability. We believe that language planning is essential to ensuring that every child develops the ASL and English skills needed for learning, maturation, critical thinking, independence, and fulfillment. We focus on supporting students on their journey to Deafhood, a positive sense of identity that includes competence and skill in living fully as a Deaf person in society.


In addition to outstanding academics, CSD is a language-rich environment that provides numerous activities and organizations designed to support artistic abilities, athletic abilities, leadership, real-world experience, work experience, and application of learning in a variety of settings. We cherish our diversity and value each child.