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Request A Family Tour
Each tour is customized to the age of the Deaf student and the interests of the family. As part of the tour, your family will have the opportunity to meet with teachers and administrators. You will observe classrooms, programs, and if applicable visit the cottages to learn about the after-school programs for residential students. The tour will provide a wonderful opportunity for your family to see our classrooms in action; ask questions; and meet our wonderful students, teachers and administrators. Learn More

Association of Families, Teachers and Counselors
The Association of Families, Teachers and Counselors impacts the lives of Deaf children and their families by representing, empowering, and supporting them in the areas of academics, leadership and communication. It is our parent organization on campus. The organization has regular meetings throughout the year and hosts numerous fundraisers to support student activities.
Community Advisory Committee
CSD's Community Advisory Committee is comprised of parents of children enrolled at the California School for the Deaf, in Fremont, collaborating as a team alongside educators, service providers, and others who advocate for the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing students at the local, state and national levels. Activities of the CAC include reviewing plans for Deaf education suggesting annual priorities, assisting in parent education, advising the administration and making recommendations about CSD programs, and encouraging community involvement. This is accomplished through regular business meetings, special workshops, and recruitment of guest speakers.

Virtual ASL Classes for Families
The school offers weekly online ASL classes for families, as well as family online ASL tutoring. Both programs are free to families.

Babies & Toddlers Resources
This online handbook provides a wealth of information and resources for parents with a Deaf baby or toddler.
Gender Education Resources
A website devoted to resources for students and their families that focuses on gender diversity, non-binary, LGBTQIA+ individuals. Click here for website.