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Director of Instruction

Hello! I’m excited to tell you about the Division of Instruction. First of all, we have a wonderful group of faculty and staff including our principals and supervisors, teachers, teaching assistants, teacher specialists, coaches, and clerical staff. We ensure that our students learn both inside the classroom and outside, as well, through leadership opportunities, clubs, athletics, and field trips. Students can even travel abroad through our international studies class.

We are a fully accredited school with high expectations and high standards. We offer a strong Deaf program that has a bilingual approach to education with full communication access in American Sign Language and written English. We encourage our students’ self-esteem by empowering them with a strong Deaf identity. We are an inclusive school. We believe in social justice and celebrate our diverse student body, creating an environment where our students can thrive.

Our teachers base their curriculum on the Common Core Standards, plus we are involved with setting standards for American Sign Language.

We believe in providing opportunities for our students to grow and thrive, from their early childhood education through their high school years, providing them with all the support they need to become graduates.

We invite you to come visit us. You are welcome at CSD!