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Family Educational Tour

Who should go on a Family Educational Tour?

  • Families with Deaf / Hard of Hearing (various hearing levels) 
    children ages 0 to 22.

  • Families who would like to have an in-depth look 
    at a model bilingual American Sign Language and English school 
    for Deaf children.

  • Families with Deaf children 
    who are considering applying to CSD Fremont.

  • Families who would like to see another free and 
    California Standardized public school option. 

How do I request a Family Educational Tour?

We look forward to getting in touch with you!
Families with Deaf children age 6 and up:

Families with Deaf babies/toddlers up to age 5 contact:

  • Laura T. Petersen, 
    Early Intervention Consultant
    510-344-6191 videophone
    510-794-3751 voice
    510-953-6107 SPANISH
    [email protected]