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Student Screening Process

General Procedures for Student Health Screening

  • A COVID-19 Health Screening must be completed by parents/guardians before sending children to school each day.

  • The preferred method for completing the daily health screening is an electronic, web-based tool. However, a paper option is also available and can be completed at home and sent to school along with the student. Instructions for the electronic and paper screening tools are provided below.

  • Temperatures are expected to be taken by parents and guardians daily, as a component of the health screening. Students must be fever-free (temperature that is less than 100.4° F), without the use of fever-reducing medication, in order to go to school.

  • Parents and guardians will be contacted if their child arrives at school and has not had their screening completed. A school staff member will work with the student and parent/guardian to complete the screening.

  • A member of the school-based COVID-19 Support Team will be assigned to provide to support to families of any child who must stay home as a result of the daily screening.

  • This screening is for CSD students and parent/guardians only.
    It is not for CSD staff, as our staff has their own separate 'On Campus Check-In'.