Welcome to CSD

Dear staff, families, students and community of California School for the Deaf,

CSD is a diverse and welcoming community. We strive every day to represent the values of caring, acceptance and compassion. We seek to demonstrate these values to the students and families we serve. The California School for the Deaf is committed to the success of all students regardless of their immigration status, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, sex, and gender identity/expression, socio-economic status or beliefs.

We must reassure our staff, families, students and community that our school is a safe place and we do not tolerate discrimination, bullying and hate speech. The diversity of our school community continues to be our greatest strength. We are better when we all work together, learn together and communicate together.

  • We are committed to allocating adequate resources necessary to support diversity, inclusion, and the values of a multicultural society.

  • We are committed to celebrating core values of liberty, equality, democracy, individualism, equity, unity, and diversity.

  • We are committed to promoting and elevating acceptance, inclusiveness and kindness of all students, families and staff.

 We will protect the data and identities of any student, family member or school employee who may be adversely affected by any action that results in the collection of any personally identifiable information. Please understand that no records can be released to law enforcement without a court order or subpoena. We shall not collect or maintain any documents pertaining to immigration status. CSD will remain a safe place for learning for all students regardless of immigration status.

We must reinforce at every opportunity that our school is a safe place where students learn and where we all work together to build a community that values and respects every person. We are proud of this remarkable community. Our values and actions are a reflection of each of us and we are committed to keeping them at the heart of our work.

Clark Brooke, Ed.S.