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Early Childhood Education » Anti-Bias Education

Anti-Bias Education

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Anti-bias education has four core goals, each of which applies to children of all backgrounds and influences every area of our program. Together all four goals provide a safe, supportive learning community for all children.


Goal #1  Each child will demonstrate self-awareness, confidence, family pride, and positive social identities.

Goal #2   Each child will express comfort and joy with human diversity; accurate language for human differences; and deep, caring human connections.

Goal #3   Each child will increasingly recognize unfairness, have language to describe unfairness, and understand that unfairness hurts.

Goal #4   Each child will demonstrate empowerment and the skills to act, with others or alone, against prejudice and/or discriminatory actions.

Based on the book, “Anti-Bias for Young Children and Ourselves” by Louise Derman-Sparks and Julie Olsen Edwards, Chapter one.