California School for the Deaf

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Beliefs - Instruction

  1. Deaf-centered instructional programs develop each visual learner’s academic, social, environmental and global awareness and positive self-image as a Deaf person.

  2. Language is viewed as a right and a resource for all Deaf children.

  3. ASL as the first language and language of instruction leads students to become balanced bilinguals in social and academic ASL and English.

  4. Excellence in academic achievement, character development, leadership, wellness, athletics, and co-curricular activities is valued and celebrated.

  5. Instruction is most successful when students take an active role in thinking critically, engage in challenging work, and express themselves creatively through the arts.

  6. Shared leadership and collaborative decision making are essential for designing and implementing high-quality programs, assessment, and curricular alignment.

  7. Cultural diversity is central to increasing all students’ awareness, understanding, learning, trust and sense of belonging.

  8. A safe environment where students embrace people from different walks of life and value human rights leads to emotional and physical well-being for all.

  9. Families, students, educators, and the Deaf and broader communities all share a vital role in student achievement and the development of the whole child.