Early Childhood Education Department

Welcome to the Early Childhood Education Department!

We are happy you are here visiting our page.  Our department serves approximately 70 children from infancy through Kindergarten.  We believe that early language acquisition is critical in order for our children to be able to access the world. Our department Vision, Mission & Philosophy are described below.  Please also browse through our pages to learn more about our program and meet our staff members.

The Early Childhood Education at the California School for the Deaf look forward to working with you to provide your child(ren) the most engaging learning environment!

Michele Berke
ECE Principal

¡Bienvenido al Departamento de Educación de la niñez temprana!

Estamos contentos de que estés aquí visitando nuestra página. Nuestro Departamento atiende a aproximadamente 7o niños de la infancia a través del jardín de infantes. Creemos que la adquisición temprana de la lengua es crítica para que nuestros niños puedan tener acceso al mundo. Nuestra visión del Departamento, misión y filosofía se describen a continuación. Por favor, navegue también por nuestras páginas para obtener más información sobre nuestro programa y conozca a nuestros miembros del personal. 

la educación de la niñez temprana en la escuela de California para sordos ¡ mira adelante a trabajar con usted para proporcionar a su niño (s) el ambiente de aprendizaje más atractivo! 

Michele Berke
ECE Principal

Our Vision

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All Deaf children and their families have the right to both home and school environments that foster:
  • rich language and cultural exposure
  • positive social interactions
  • critical thinking and literacy experiences
  • respect and appreciation for human differences
These elements contribute to, and promote, the development of early foundation skills needed to succeed in life.


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The Early Childhood Education Department provides a visually accessible environment focused on the needs of Deaf children which is inclusive and welcoming of all.  Our Bilingual (ASL/English) Approach supports literacy and fosters critical thinking skills.  ASL and English Role Models and peers ensure that children develop a strong sense of self-identity.  Play-based learning experiences are an integral part of our curriculum to help our children develop their social– emotional and cognitive skills as they learn about each other and the world around them.  Our family-centered approach builds on each family’s strengths and provides them with the support and resources to enhance their child’s development and learning.  Our ECE community is dedicated to integrating an anti-bias perspective into our daily practice by providing an environment where we teach, model and experience respect for human differences.


  • Language Development
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Family Involvement
  • Anti-Bias Education

Resources, Videos & Links

Recursos, Vídeos y Enlaces
Through Your Child's Eyes: American Sign Language (subtitled): /A través de los ojos de su niño: lengua de señas americana (subtitulado): https://youtu.be/FV69iJuXwP4
KTVU California School for the Deaf: / KTVU California escuela para sordos: https://youtu.be/Yrme-gYSZIY
Early Intervention: The Missing Link (with audio) / Intervención temprana: el eslabón perdido (con audio):  https://youtu.be/DYWWXy0wy2w 
Article: / Artículo: 
The Critical Need for Providing Early Visual Language to the Deaf Child: / la necesidad crítica de proporcionar el lenguaje visual temprano al niño sordo: http://www.handspeak.com/blog/parent/index.php?byte=&ID=11
Deaf Early Start Resources (mainly for early childhood education teachers or staff members working with early start intervention service with Deaf children.  Some resources could be good for families with Deaf babies, too): https://sites.google.com/csdeagles.net/es-teachers