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Support Services


Students in first through fifth grade education classroom receive additional support from the following:

  • Student Support Liaison Teacher
  • Behavior Teacher Specialist
  • Bilingual/Deaf Studies Teacher Specialist
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Language Experience Class Teacher
  • Library Media Teacher
  • Literacy Coach
  • Resource Teacher


Accelerated Reading (AR)
Accelerated Reading is a computer-based reading management program with the goal of improving independent reading through practice and exposure to a wide range of literature. Students select and read independently from over 120,000 titles (www.arbookfind.com) for which AR reading practice comprehension quizzes are available. They take multiple-choice AR quizzes through the Renaissance Place website at school or at home. Students and parents are able to monitor progress through the Home Connect website using their assigned name and user password.

Accelerated Math (AM)
Also created by Renaissance Learning and similar to Accelerated Reading, Accelerated Math is a computer-based math management program which creates math assignments tailored to each student’s current level. It automatically scores all math practice, including assignments and tests, and provides ongoing feedback on students’ daily practice. Accelerated Math helps the teacher differentiate math instruction, addressing each student’s individual needs.