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About Our High School


Welcome to the High School department at the California School for the Deaf, Fremont, where your child will have the full high school experience and where s/he will be offered the widest spectrum of choices found anywhere! All our teachers are highly qualified, our classrooms are high-tech, and our students are confident and possess global awareness!

Among our core course offerings are: Advanced Placement English, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I and II, American Sign Language, International Studies, World History, and so much more. Common Core standards and bilingual education principles are integrated in our instruction. Our research-based instructional approach these past 150 years have yielded dividends. For instance, our recent Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) scores show that over 70% of our students have made significant progress since last fall.

All our teachers are highly qualified (by the No Child Left Behind Act, which means they either have a degree in their subject area and/or have passed a qualifying test, and with a Deaf Education credential). We have one of the largest percentages in California of faculty with advanced degrees. We work very closely with the Career Center and the Career Technical Education (CTE) departments. Nearly all of your child’s elective courses are offered through the CTE department. The Career Center supports your child through their academic advisors and employment specialists, making sure your child meets his/her graduation requirements and achieves his/her dreams. With so many choices, your child also has so much support from their peers and staff/faculty. Our Adjustment Teacher, academic & career counselors, guidance counselors, literacy coaches, and peer advisors stand ready to assist your child with any questions or issues s/he might have. Page 7 expands on the support your child receives here at CSD.

Extracurricular activities and athletics are also offered in abundance here at CSD. Your child will enter a level playing field and be given every opportunity to shine.

We are committed to the highest quality education for your child and to a safe learning environment. We will nurture in your child a positive self-image as a Deaf person with a passion for lifelong learning. We have complete faith in your child’s ability to learn and grow!