Independent Living Skills

The Independent Living Skills (ILS) program in the cottages provides a variety of opportunities for our school seniors to grow and succeed. It is a big step to learn how to live independently. It provides our school seniors with the experience of not only having but, maintaining their very own apartments. It encourages and promotes participation in daily living skills training through the monitoring and modeling of cottage counselors. That said, most students that have gone through the ILS program have increased their level of participation and obligation in regards to their responsibilities. The ILS program provides the essential skills that bridge the gap of transition from residential cottage living to “real world” work and living.

As a department, ILS has provided a wealth of information through trainings and workshops for our students in order to educate and support the transition to independent living. Some of the topics offered in these trainings include but, are not limited to:

  • Mock rental application scenarios
  • Independent access to apartments ( each student has their own key)
  • Personal relationships & Conflict/ resolution
  • Kitchen safety
  • Use of appliances
  • Cooking- (food preparation & storage)
  • Apartment maintenance – (daily and deep cleaning)
  • Meal planning
  • Personal health & hygiene
  • Workshops/Education
  • Time management
  • Special events
The ILS program offered at the California School for the Deaf for senior students is an incredible program. We take much pride in the growth and success that permeates from the students that have gone through it and look forward to having many more students to come.