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At California School for the Deaf, it is our aim to prepare our students for the real world as they graduate from CSD. At our Middle School, the following five important areas are explored throughout  our daily instruction and other activities:
  • Students learning and achieving academically: integrating the Common Core standards in course offerings. Standards-based courses are being offered through American Sign Language as the language of instruction.
  • Students getting involved and engaged: providing leadership and involvement opportunities to ensure that all students are engaged and fully participating in school. Student opportunities through the Principal’s Advisory Council, career awareness program, and Jr. Eagles Associated Body Government are provided to train students in leadership. Also there are athletic opportunities (e.g. football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and softball) for our students in the evenings.
  • Students feeling welcome: focusing on a positive transition from other schools to CSD or from the elementary school to the middle school. Weekly meetings with new students are coordinated to ensure commitment towards and retention of each individual student.
  • Students being safe and secure: using developmentally appropriate guidelines for discipline and socially appropriate behavior. We have positive discipline procedures and a self-improvement time system in place to encourage student responsibility where the student and teacher collaborate in resolving issues.
  • Students being supported emotionally, behaviorally and socially: continuing programs to support students’ needs such as character education activities that promote self-awareness, self-advocacy, and maturity.


In addition to the exciting activities described above, the middle school provides every child unlimited access to language (American Sign Language) and Common Core Standards. Every student takes the following rigorous course of study: language arts (writing, reading, American Sign Language), mathematics, social studies, science, career awareness, and physical education. Classroom routines, projects, special activities, and field trips are provided to connect topics learned in the classroom to the real world.


The Middle School has maintained a meaningful character education program for many years. The character education program is based on the well-known Character Counts program. This program has been used in many schools throughout the United States. To provide a positive and safe environment, the Eight Pillars of Character (caring, respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, citizenship, appreciation, excellence) are infused into the daily behavioral expectations of our students.


To promote leadership and demonstrate effective communication among our student body, a Principal Advisory Council (PAC) was established several years ago. Through an election procedure, two or three student leaders were selected to represent each grade. After their election, 13 class representatives were chosen by the elected council members. PAC meets on a monthly basis and participates in a variety of activities to promote leadership development such as moderating panels, performing assembly introductions, conducting leadership lunch retreats, and producing monthly video announcements.


To recognize our students’ good deeds, there are monthly Student Recognition Assemblies where students who have demonstrated positive academic traits and character-related efforts are acknowledged and applauded. The Middle School department invites you to visit us anytime.