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Physical Education

The Physical Education (PE) department has dedicated time to expanding its assessments of students’ performance and knowledge of physical activities.  This is important because it ensures that students show consistent improvement in their physical fitness and knowledge of healthy living and that they have a better chance of passing California Phsycial Fitness Test (PFT) in fifth, seventh and ninth grades.


Traditionally, the PE department has held several different events including a thriathlon for middle school students; aquathon for elementary; Turkey Trot; Earth Day; and Halloween celebrations.  The PE department has consistently incorporated character education in the PE curriculum.


The physical education staff also recognizes students through the PE Student of the Month.  Our staff strongly emphasizes students becoming excellent all-around individuals and leading a healthy and balanced life.


The Althletics department has continued serving students by providing athletic teams throughout the year.  The athletics department is grateful for the support they receive from parents, staff, alumni and friends who volunteer for a variety of events.


A new e-distrubution system has been implemented where parents can be informed regularly about games, changes of plans and other updates.  This has been very effective.  Twitter is now utilized by the athletics staff in order to keep our CSD fans informed of minute-by-minute plays and details so that we all can feel as if we are at the games.


The athletics department has expanded with yet another youth team, a flag football team.  A non-competitive swimming club was offered last spring.  It has drawn many students from elementary school through middle school.


The physical education and athletics departments work collaboratively with other academic departments and other divisions, including Pupil Personnel Services and Student Life, with a unified goal of providing the best for our students and ensuring that the students do their best.