California School for the Deaf

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Director of Instruction » Philosophy of the Instructional Program

Philosophy of the Instructional Program

The bilingual instructional program at CSD promotes a research-based, reflective, culturally-responsive curriculum that is aligned with state and locally-developed standards, benchmarks and best practices within a Deaf learning community. Student outcomes include academic rigor, the development of healthy habits, critical thinking skills, and successful transition after graduation.

Staff and students thrive in a climate where innovation is encouraged and supported. A continued spirit of leadership and influence in professional development, mentoring, maintaining high standards, curriculum design, American Sign Language and English language development, professionalism, and quality instruction is evident in teaching and learning through an ongoing language planning process.

We strive to surpass our world-wide reputation through a collegial learning environment, research-based practices, authentic assessment, student outcomes, activism within the larger Deaf and educational communities, and the shaping of educational public policy.