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CSD provides transportation to and from school for residential students, following the school calendar including optional transportation on the first and last day of school and the first and last day of the summer session. Buses pick up and deliver students at designated stops and times. Transportation booklets with the designated stops and time schedules are given to new families when they enroll, and yearly schedules are mailed to all families before each school year starts. Special schedules for early dismissal days are also included. Additional schedules can be obtained from the Transportation Office.

Transportation Office Hours

  • Monday-Thursday...7:30 AM–5:00 PM
  • Friday...9:30 AM–8:00 PM
  • Sunday...11:00 AM–8:30 PM

Changes in Transportation Plans
Parents/Guardians must notify the Transportation Office and the appropriate school Office at least two days beforehand or as soon as possible.

Address or Contact Information Changes
In order to ensure that all students are traveling on correct transportation, it is crucial that the transportation office have the current parent/guardian’s address and contact information and for emergencies. For day students, it may take mini-bus companies up to 5 to 10 working days to change their schedules.

Permission to Visit on Weekends
Students who want to visit a friend need to fill out the weekend guest form and weekend host form and give the forms to their cottage counselors one week prior to the visit. This ensures that our staff know at which stop the students are to get off the bus, and it communicates parents/guardian’s written permission that the child can be picked up by the other student’s parents/guardians. If parents/guardians want to come to the school on Friday to pick up their child and their child’s guest, this should be indicated on the signed guest/host forms. Students being picked up at school must be signed out at school, the cottage, or the transportation office. Students using CSD transportation are allowed one visitor per weekend.

To qualify for visit privileges, students must have shown appropriate behavior in the cottage, at school and on buses. No visitation is allowed during the first weekend of the school year and during the summer session.

Day students generally may not have friends ride on their mini-buses due to insurance liability. In some cases, some students may not allowed to have visitors due to the limited amount of room in the bus.

The visiting student will be charged a $5.00 visit fee if they use our transportation. Students using public transportation will pay their own fare.

Students 18 years old or older who host other students are required to have their parents/guardians’ signature on the host form so that the host parents will know guests are coming to their houses.

Visit forms need to be turned in to the transportation department by the Monday prior to the visit.

Only in extreme circumstances will phone calls or emails be accepted in lieu of a signed form.

Transportation of Day Students
The transportation of day students at the school is primarily the responsibility of the child’s local school district (LEA), including any cost incurred in the transportation of students to and from the school; this is true whether the child rides a mini-bus, taxi or uses public transportation. The school does not dispatch mini-buses or plan their schedules. CSD also does not distribute bus or BART tickets to day students. The school encourages parents/guardians to keep their child’s mini-bus/taxi driver ’s phone number handy at all times. Contact Barbara White, Director of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) at 510-344-6095 or send email to for any questions regarding contacting your LEA.

Please note: Parents/Guardians of students who are under three years of age must provide transportation to and from the school themselves. If the child is in the infant program or under age three in the preschool program, transportation is the responsibility of the parents/guardians or the school district.

After-School Activities- Day Students
In some departments, day students may join after-school actvities that will cause them to miss their bus ride home. Parents/guardians will need to arrange a pick up after the activity.

Weekend Sports
If the child is active in a high school sport that involves weekend games, parents/guardians will need to contact the Athletics Department in order to obtain information regarding their travel plans. Their office number is 510-794-3766 Voice, 510-344-6023 VP, 510-999-7664 Spanish VP, or Fax 510-794-2534.

School Holidays
Please refer to the school calendar to determine which holidays CSD is not in session. If the school is closed for a Monday holiday, transportation will resume on Monday evening instead of Sunday evening. If there is no school on Friday, students will go home on Thursday afternoon, following the Friday time schedules.

Student Behavior
The school encourages all parents/guardians to discuss travel etiquette with their children. Transportation companies can refuse service to students who do not behave properly. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to help their children understand the importance of their behavior on buses. Some examples to avoid are asking strangers for money, being too loud, changing seats while bus is moving, not sitting right, fighing with other students, throwing things, using laser pointers or cameras with flash, or any distracting behavior. Please advise your child to remain seated while the bus is in motion and to respect the aide that is assigned to their bus. (CCR 14103)