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Counseling Department

Guidance Counselors provide confidential individual and group counseling services for students at CSD. Counseling services focus on addressing personal, interpersonal, and social skills development, with the goal of maximizing students’ abilities to benefit from their educational programs. Guidance Counselors also work collaboratively with families, school and Student Life staff.

Counseling department focuses on social-emotional learning in the following areas:  self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, social management and decision making.

The Counseling Department provides the following services to meet students’ needs:

  • IEP counseling with identified IEP goals
  • Short term, student-requested “personal growth” counseling
  • Crisis intervention and crisis counseling
  • Support groups and classroom presentations  on various prevention topics and prevention activities
  • Character Education classroom group activities for young Elementary students
  • Collaboration with parents related to their child’s social-emotional needs