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Early Intervention

Since the establishment of the Newborn Hearing Screening program, an increasing number of parents are faced with concerns when their new baby is identified as deaf or hard of hearing.  Since hospital staff are the first persons to share the news, it is critical that they are given up-to-date resources and information about language acquisition and cultural sensitivity. 95% of parents of Deaf children can hear and may have never been exposed to Deaf Community, American Sign Language, or met a Deaf adult.  
When parents arrive home they would like to know more about their deaf and hard-of-hearing children’s future and we would like to support them by connecting them to a network of parents with deaf and hard-of-hearing children and provide them with opportunities to meet older children and adults as well. 
The resource center provides resources and work closely with families and children at home and in the classroom. In addition, we will provide research-based information and ensure that families have the opportunity to get together, collaborate, and discuss how to work well with other families and the educational programs that serve them.
Check out our Babies & Toddlers page for online resources.