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Family Education

Our domain focuses on family education for families who have Deaf children  between 3 and 22 years of age. Our focus is to support parents through workshop series, webinars, bilingual educational training and e-learning. Examples of e-learning could be literacy, or different links to videos that families can watch and learn. We have modules that provide formal education for families. We offer ASL classes, either through videophone or in person, so families can learn American Sign Language. We offer ASL/English bilingual resources for teachers who work with families. If families want to know more information on what the right DVD or resource is, perhaps sign language applications, these will be provided. We also provide consultation for parents who may have questions.

In addition to the bilingual language training above, we also offer a website on Gender Resource Education. This website offers resources for students and their families on gender diversity, non-binary, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

 For more information, visit the Family Education program on the Pupil Personnel Services webpage.