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Specialists's Role and Services

The Literacy Coach works with teachers on reading and writing strategies for classroom instruction. The school’s English curricula and ongoing investigation of authentic assessment approaches and teaching strategies professional development is also provided by this specialist. 

The Math Coach works with teachers on  instructional strategies for the mathematics classroom.  In addition to classroom services, the specialist researches and disseminates information on teaching best practices and curriculum for the instructional division.

The Bilingual/Deaf Studies Specialist provides in-service training to teachers, develops Deaf studies and ASL curricula, works with the Literacy Coach on bilingual/ bicultural school-wide endeavors, and serves as a school consultant on Deaf studies/ASL issues.  

The Early Childhood Education Specialist facilitates the “Best Practices” Child development Program in the Early Childhood Education Department.  

The Content Area Curriculum Teacher Specialist works with supporting teachers on implementing curriculum and reflective practices regarding effective strategies to support students in Health, Science, History-Social Sciences, and other areas on request. In addition, this teacher specialist coordinates school-wide curriculum adoption, training, development, and refinement efforts while supporting teachers in new state and nation-wide curricular efforts. 

The Education Technology Specialist spearheads the school’s computer literacy development efforts, provides in-service training, and functions as a consultant on integrating educational technology with curriculum objectives and instructional needs.

The Student Outcomes Teacher Specialist coordinates the state-mandated assessments, works with and supports staff on school-wide assessments, and provides data analysis and training. The SOS also chairs the Assessment and Data committee.

The Digital Media Technology Specialist provides support to K-12 teachers on using media in classroom such as using media software and equipment. In addition, along with teachers, he produces American Sign Language videos for classroom instruction purposes. Other duties include keeping a database of ASL videos, digitizing old videotapes and few others.


The teacher specialists also function as school-wide consultants and committee members connected to CSD standards work/school reform efforts.In addition, each teacher specialist is additionally teaching academic classes in the elementary, middle school, high school and special needs departments.