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Curriculum Services

Through our bilingual program, in order to support our students’ achievement in all areas while meeting the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs), students at CSD participate in a well-rounded curriculum while meeting state standards. 

To meet the diverse linguistic and learning needs of our students, curriculum is modified in an intentional way that retains the integrity of CA state standards while utilizing a bilingual approach.

CAMS leads the effort to carefully scrutinize and adopt the most appropriate curriculum packages including textbooks, instructional materials, and technology to prepare our students for the 21st century.

Through curriculum mapping efforts, school-wide professional development, department trainings, and individual mentoring, our teachers are well-equipped to provide the most current instructional content using best practices and instructional technology. Preparing our students for college and the work force is a K-12 effort.

For more information, please contact Clark Brooke, CAMS Supervisor