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Textbook Adoption

Textbook Adoption


The Curriculum and Media Services department is responsible for the process of adopting materials for students at CSD, K-8.  The California State Board of Education has the constitutional responsibility and authority to adopt instructional materials for students in grades one  through grade eight (Article IX, Section 7.5 of the California Constitution) and statutory authority to adopt instructional materials for kindergarten. There are no state-wide adoptions in grades nine through twelve. However, CAMS staff consult with 9-12  teachers and principals in their decisions regarding materials, and  as a K-12 school, CAMS has  supported the adoption of K-12 programs to ensure consistent programming. 


EC sections 60200-60206 describe the process for the adoption of instructional materials for these grades K-8 and mandate that submitted materials be evaluated for alignment with the adopted content standards and specific evaluation criteria approved by the SBE.


The evaluation criteria are typically incorporated in the curriculum frameworks. Instructional materials are broadly defined to include textbooks, technology-based materials, scientific equipment, other educational materials, and tests.


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