California School for the Deaf

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Library and Media Center

CSD's library and media center provide a wide-variety of services to our students, academic and residential departments, and the community.  
Library Services
As part of the library services, there are scheduled ASL story telling times for the young children, accelerated reading program for all students, daily check-in and out of books and DVDs both in captions and/or ASL, reading mentoring program, assistance for research and daily quiet working space for classes. The librarian also coordinates a ASL storytelling night event at the Fremont library once a month for the community. Educational books/videos and supplies are preserved in the
Resource Room. 

Media Center Services
The media center provides our students and departments with opportunities to develop media materials (e.g. bulletin board, creative art, traditional wall media, enlargement of documents, laminating of educational materials, flyers, etc) for any kind of projects in the classroom and/or within the department.