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Technology Pathway

We have developed a new Technology Pathway program that will allow your child to develop a strong foundation in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). This 2-year pathway will cover these courses (one per semester):

  • Blueprint - David Conley, Wood Technology Teacher
  • Computer Aided Design - Jason Kulchinsky, Information Technology/Manufacturing Teacher
  • Raster (Photoshop) Graphics - Maureen Klusza, Digital Media Teacher
  • Vector (Illustrator) Graphics - Gabe Leung, Graphic Technology Teacher
  • Forensics - Sinju Engineer, Biotechnology Teacher

These courses will mold students to prepare for their capstone classes (advanced). Once your child reaches their junior year, they will select a specialized capstone class such as Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Wood Technology, Talon News, and Yearbook.


Our Technology Pathway program will be part of Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) dual credit program.  Your child may earn up to 9 dual credits for these courses during this two year timespan. RIT will provide the student with a final test to evaluate their skills and knowledge on for the courses that your child took during the school year.    Your child’s CTE teachers will grade the test and submit it to RIT for dual credits. (Note: RIT’s pass/fail system has no bearing on your child’s grade in the class). For more information about this dual credit program, please visit: