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Career Technical Education » Engineering


3D Printing

A unit which will expose students to 3D printing or additive manufacturing which is a process of making a three-dimensional object of almost any shape from a 3D model.

Engineering Graphics – Computer Aided Drafting – AutoCAD

Students will be introduced to engineering graphics as a means of communication in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction.  The course is laboratory oriented and will provide the student with basic skills to create professional 2D drawings with this comprehensive first course in the use of AutoCAD software. The course assumes no prior knowledge of engineering drawing or CAD.

Project-Based Engineering Lab (coming soon)

Students will be introduced to technical skills in the fields of Mechanical, Fluid Power and Manufacturing Processes. Hands-on kits will provide students with the opportunity to develop understanding of engineering in these areas:


  • Levers
  • Linkages, CAMs and Turnbuckles
  • Pulley Systems and Gear Drives
  • Mechanical Drive Systems
  • Key Fasteners
  • Power Transmission Systems
  • V-Belt Drives
  • Chain Drives


Fluid Power

  • Pneumatic Power Systems
  • Basic Pneumatic Circuits
  • Pneumatic Pressure and Flow Principles
  • Pneumatic Speed Control Circuits


Manufacturing Processes

  • Injection Molding Introduction
  • Basic Inject Mold Design
  • Advanced Injection Molding
  • Blow Molding Introduction
  • Basic Blow Molding Design
  • Introduction to Extrusion Operations