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About CSD

Deaf children with varying hearing levels including hard of hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Deaf-plus children are part of the diverse fabric of our society that makes our world a better place. We instill confidence in Deaf children by focusing on cognitive strengths while developing a positive social, cultural and family identity. Deaf children have everything to gain and nothing to lose when they are given the opportunity to learn and thrive!

The DNA of California School for the Deaf 
► FREE public school supporting all families with Deaf children of any hearing level, using Bilingual ASL and English curriculum
► Early childhood education programs and support for families with children 0-6 
► International leader of bilingual and multicultural education while meeting State standards for curriculum and assessments through 12th grade
► Full and active citizenship that contributes to society.
► Direct instruction in ASL and English allows for multiple language opportunities and peer interactions