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CSD History

CSD celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2010, and has a rich and storied history in its current location in Fremont and on its previous campuses in Berkeley and San Francisco. On the 91-acre Fremont campus, you will find student-made murals decorating the buildings, and “The Bear Hunt” sculpture by alumnus Douglas Tilden.

School spirit and Deaf pride radiates from every student and staff member on campus. Thursdays are Orange and Black days where you will see a sea of CSD clothing at the occasional Pep Rally. CSD annually celebrates the International Day of Signed Languages in solidarity with Deaf people from around the world with assemblies, films, and sharing of International signed languages in our community. CSD also takes pride in their annual March 13th celebration of PAH Day – when Gallaudet University hired its first Deaf President. Cultural celebrations are also an important part of our community including dancing, food, and guest speakers for Cinco de Mayo.

CSD takes pride in their alumni who have achieved success and recognition in their professional careers. CSD has graduates who have gone on to become experts in the field of visual and performing arts, athletics, business, educational administration, political and community service, law, medicine, publishing, and writing.

Douglas Tilden – World Famous Sculptor