• Who can attend California School for the Deaf, Fremont
    Deaf students (ages 3 to 21) from 46 counties in Northern California, who meet the eligibility criteria and are referred by their local school district, may attend CSD. 

  • How much does it cost to attend CSD?
    Our education program is no cost to parents.
    The majority of a student’s education is covered by the State of California with the remainder funded by the respective district. If students live on campus in the residential program, the state and the district are responsible for additional costs. If a child is a day student, the school district provides daily transportation.

  • What are my child’s educational rights?
    Under IDEA, all children are entitled to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.

  • How many students are enrolled at CSD?
    CSD currently has approximately 400 students. 

  • What grades levels does CSD have?
    CSD serves students from age 3-21.  We provide preschool through 12th grade and have classes, test preparation, and work experience for students until their 22nd birthday.

  • CSD uses a bilingual approach to language learning, what does that mean?
    We are a bilingual program in which American Sign Language (ASL) and English are the two languages used for instruction. We aim to preserve and build upon students’ abilities in both languages and strive for students to achieve fluency in both. Students develop their expressive and receptive skills in ASL. Students also develop their abilities to read and write English. We focus on individualized language planning for each student.

  • What is the mission of the school?
    CSD is a comprehensive Deaf-centered school that emphasizes American Sign Language and English, social justice, Deafhood, equity, respect, an early start in language development and the highest quality education for all children.

  • What is CSD curriculum’s focus?
    CSD has a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum that follows California's statewide standards. Accommodations and modifications are made to the curriculum based on each student’s IEP. We believe that our school culture, enriched with American Sign Language, is the fundamental key that leads to higher literacy achievements.

  • Does CSD teach students on the state Common Core standards?
    Yes, our academic program follows the State Common Core standards and our teachers are highly qualified.

  • Will students graduate with diplomas?
    Yes, when the students meet all course requirements toward graduation.

  • Does CSD have athletics and extracurricular activities?
    CSD offers both athletic and extracurricular activities for students. The school’s sport teams, the Eagles, compete in football, volleyball, basketball, track and field, wrestling, baseball and softball.

    We offer extensive club options for students that include but are not limited to yearbook, academic bowl, Latin@ Club, Gay/Straight Alliance, Ebony Deaf Club, Deaf Asian Club, and FHA HERO. These clubs are offered during regular school hours.  Opportunities to develop leadership skills are also available through Jr. National Association for the Deaf (Jr. NAD), Student Body Government, and the Foothills Athletic Association.  Little Eagles After-school Program, as well as tutoring in our Learning Support Center are offered after school hours during the school year. 

  • What makes CSD different from other schools?
    CSD provides full accessibility for your child all day long.  Your child is never left out or in a position where they are excluded due to communication. CSD requires our staff to be fluent in both languages (American Sign Language and English) from our secretaries to teachers and teacher assistants. Teachers must be certified to teach both in Deaf Education and the area in which they teach. CSD offers an opportunity for students to maintain close family ties through family classes in American Sign Language, as well as online family tutoring.

  • Is transportation provided?
    Transportation is provided by the student’s local school system. 

  • Are interpreters available?
    CSD has fully certified ASL interpreters on staff for IEP meetings, non-signing guest speakers, parent/teacher conferences, and other activities as needed. We also have two Spanish language interpreters. Interpreters must be requested in advance. Please know that while we will do everything we can to make communication accessible to all, we cannot guarantee that if you show up to school unannounced that an interpreter will be available.

  • How is the school funded?
    CSD receives funding from the California Department of Education and the federal government.

  • May I visit the school for a tour?
    Yes, you are most welcome! Contact us to arrange a family tour in advance. For children 0 - 7 years old, contact our early intervention family educator Laura T Petersen. For children 8 years and older, contact our family education coordinator Lilly Benedict.

  • How can my child become a student at CSD?
    Contact the Admissions Office.

  • What is the referral process?
    The school district of residence (Local Education Agency or LEA) refers a Deaf applicant by submitting an application packet.

    A complete application packet contains the following school documents: current IEP & addendums, unaided audiogram, most recent psychological-educational report & Triennial IEP, state-mandated testing results (CST/CMA/CAPA, and CAHSEE), speech & language assessment reports, behavior reports (including suspensions & expulsions), educationally-relevant medical information, progress reports/report cards, and transcripts (for High School students.)

    Paperwork needed from the parent/guardian includes the application, a copy of the birth certificate, guardianship papers (if applicable), a student information form (completed by a current or recent teacher), a medical exam form (completed by a physician), and immunization records.

    Application files are reviewed each Friday by the CSD Admissions Committee to determine if the applicant meets the admissions criteria set forth in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 17660-17663.

    The parents and the referring school district are notified by the Admissions Office of the Admission Committee’s decision regarding the application.

  • How can I volunteer at CSD?
    We have many requests for volunteering at the school. Not all can be filled but we encourage persons who are interested to contact the volunteer coordinator Meta Metal to see what opportunities are currently available.