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Biotechnology is designed to give our students the opportunity to explore and understand the use of technology, some studies and a variety of lab experiments. Biotechnology and healthcare are growing fields which usually require a background of Biology and Chemistry. Through various Biotechnology applications of lab activities, studies and practice (calculations), Biotechnology and healthcare can help reinforce, enhance, or introduce these basic science skill sets to students. students.

Ohlone College offers Biotechnology courses to students every summer. The Learning Alliance for Bioscience is a Career Pathway program that puts young learners on a path to success that starts in high school, leads to college, and ultimately to excellent job opportunities in the biotechnology and healthcare industry.   



  • Define and assess biotechnology and recognize the diverse applications and impact on society.
  • Understand the ethical, moral, legal, and cultural issues related to the use of biotechnology research and product development.
  • Demonstrate competencies in the fundamentals of molecular cell biology, including deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and proteins and standard techniques for their purification and manipulation.
  • Recognize basic concepts in cell biology and become familiar with the laboratory tools used for their analysis.
  • Integrate computer skills into program components.
  • Implement use of the metric system, orders of magnitude, and the pH scale in preparation of reagents, analysis of data, and graphing.
  • Understand the function of regulatory agencies for the biotechnology industry and the lasting impact of routine laboratory and communication practices on product development and manufacturing.
  • Follow sustainable and safe practices with high regard for quality control.
  • Understand that manufacturing represents inter-connectedness between science and production.