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Career Technical Education » Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

The goal of the Culinary Arts program is to introduce and give practice to students in the areas of basic and advanced food preparation with emphasis on work relations, operational procedures, and nutrition. This course is an instructional program with an emphasis on technical culinary preparation and production which can lead to employment in the food service industry. The Culinary Arts and Baking/Pastry curricula integrates basic academic skills in reading, writing, math and science; the curriculum is aligned with the California Career Pathway Standards of Food Service and Hospitality. Further emphasis is placed on positive work ethics, individual responsibility, teamwork, problem solving, and standards related to personal and interpersonal skills. This course also provides students with an understanding of food establishment regulations regarding proper sanitation and safety as required by local, county, state, and federal ordinances.

The Culinary Arts instructional program includes:

  • Food Education covering a variety of foods
  • Food Related Vocabulary
  • Recipes: following written instructions and measurements
  • Menu Planning
  • Use of Commercial Culinary Equipment
  • Sanitation and Safety procedures
  • Culinary Techniques
  • Preparation Methods (i.e. Knife Skills)
  • Baking Breads and Pastries; Cake and Pastry Decoration
  • Nutrition; Special Diets; International Cuisine
  • Food Industry Occupations; Professional Service Skills


The Culinary Arts program prepares students for further education or immediate employment in the Hospitality and Food Service industry.



FHA-Hero focuses on developing career and leadership skills for members to be successful in home, community and work life. Students are able to sharpen their personal leadership and career skills by participating as members and officers in competitive recognition events, leadership development activities, and community service projects.


As a result, Students will LEARN leadership and career skills from well-known chefs and leaders in the Hospitality and Food Service industry. Students will EXPERIENCE increase in confidence of their leadership and career skills in the Hospitality and Food Service industry. Students will THRIVE knowing that they will have a high success rate for immediate employment in the Hospitality and Food Service industry.