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Career Technical Education » Digital Media

Digital Media

In Digital Media I & Digital Media II classes, students will learn planning, writing, editing, directing, technical requirements and presentation of a variety of programming. 


Examples of these would be News programs, Public Service Announcements, Short Films, and School events.


Students will:

  • Know how to handle video equipment properly
  • Understand the 4 steps in the Video Production (Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Distribution)
  • Learn about Deaf Cinema
  • Write outlines, drafts, storyboards and scripts for programming
  • Develop technical skills necessary to operate the following equipment: portable cameras, studio cameras, editing, use of transitions and special effects, compressing and authoring to DVD. 
  • Develop public presentation skills  learn the importance of signing (pace and clarity) clearly
  • Learn to create storyboards and terminology related to camera work