California School for the Deaf

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Vision & Mission


Graduates of the California School for the Deaf will demonstrate the knowledge, skills,competency and self-esteem to achieve fulfilling personal lives and careers.Empowered with a positive Deaf identity, they will possess the confidence, discipline,leadership and productivity that will enable them to become contributing citizens in a democratic society.



The mission of the California School for the Deaf is to provide comprehensive educational programs which create a strong foundation for future learning among graduates in an accessible learning environment that recognizes Deaf students and adults as culturally and linguistically distinct. The school will ensure that students receive a quality education with emphasis on full communication access through fluency in both American Sign Language and English. This will enable students to reach their maximum potential while preparing them to function effectively ina diverse technologically-evolving world.


Statement of Beliefs

The California School for the Deaf, Fremont has made a commitment to be a Deaf-centered environment in which the design of learning and the language of instruction are consistent with a Bilingual-Bicultural approach to educating Deaf children. The school values itself as a multi-cultural community of varied ethnic backgrounds through which people are able to learn and work together to promote the academic, linguistic, vocational, cultural,social, emotional and physical development of Deaf children. The involvement of parents,students, staff, the Deaf community, the business community and the community at large is regarded as essential to the mission of the school.