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Career Technical Education » Graphic Production Technologies

Graphic Production Technologies

The Graphic Production Technologies pathway provides students with an understanding of printing and manufacturing processes and systems common to careers in the graphic arts and printing technology industries.

Representative topics include:

  • Principles of design composition
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Typography
  • Image generation and file preparation
  • Photography
  • Digital imaging
  • Prepress preparation
  • Printing and screen-printing technologies
  • Binding and finishing processes
  • Multimedia blending
  • Business and entrepreneurship principles
Students are able to flourish in their communication and technical skills through school and community based graphic projects and a capstone course, Yearbook. Additionally, they evaluate their portfolio based on the quality and integrity of their own projects. This pathway introduces students to a variety of interesting careers including graphic artist, photographer, animator, game developer, illustrator, and marketing.