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Career Technical Education » Wood Technology

Wood Technology

Wood Technology emphasizes a combination of introductory and advanced machine operations for furniture construction and cabinetmaking. Current industry standards are introduced. Students conceptualize solutions to various problems, then design and build a final product. Students engage in various learning activities including note taking, research, individual projects, demonstrations, and presentations. Students develop and use several skills including safe work habits, organization, problem solving, and practical application of woodworking techniques to acquire an appreciation of craftsmanship. Students are assessed through observation and performance as measured through tests, quizzes, assigned tasks and projects, and by the quality of work produced. Wood Technology class maintains state of the art machines currently used in industry practice, in order for students to prepare for competitive entry into the current job market.


Course Topics include:

  • Measurement Systems
  • Maintenance and Use of Hand Tools and Equipment
  • In-Depth Use of Portable Power Tools
  • Application of Introductory and Advanced Techniques for Woodworking Machine Use
  • Personal Safety in the Wood Shop/Laboratory
  • Introduction to Wood Joinery and Wood Shaping
  • Woodworking Terminology
  • Wood Identification
  • Wood Preparation and Techniques in Wood Finishing
  • Inventory of Wood Technology Careers
  • Design and Planning
  • Line Production
  • Using of CAD and CNC software